Graphics - Window Perforation

Window perforation

Latex ink and high quality vinyls make for graphics that are affordable and long lasting. Window Graphics have a $35 minumim.

Window Perforation 50/50

  • 50/50 Blocks 50% of the light
  • Looks like tint from the inside

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Press-Ready File Requirements:

File size: 100% print size

Filetype: PDF

Bleed: 1/4" on all sizes

Images: 300 Pixels per inch, embedded

Fonts: Outlined

Full Service Design Quote:

Select the "Please send design/layout quote" option if your files do not meet the above requirements. We charge per hour for design work, billed in 15 minute increments. We will look at your files and send our best guess estimate as to the amount of time needed. For more information about our design fees, check out our Design and Layout Services.

Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What does it look like from inside?
    It looks like window tint from inside.

  • What will it look like at night?
    If the interior of your space is brighter than the outside, the graphic will be see-through.

  • Can this be used for cars?
    Yes, we can put window perforation on your vehicle. You'll want to be aware of the laws (not allowed on windshield, or front seat side windows, for example). Also make sure you don't need commercial auto insurance if you are advertising. 

  • What about rain? Do you laminate?
    We find that window perforation seems to last longer without lamination (can cause peeling around the corners/edges). The unlaminated window perf will be hard to see out of while wet.

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