Design and Layout

Design At Graphic Sky Printing, good-looking design does not have to cost a small fortune. Whether you need minor help adjusting your files for printing, or are starting with a blank slate, or anywhere in between, we are here to help. You can expect a clear line of communication, quick responses to your inquiries, status updates, and completion on time and within budget. What if we are not a good fit for your project? We will give you an honest assessment and help connect you to the right people.

We feel design is not a commodity, it's a collaborative process, the result of which is something better than what can be achieved alone. The more creative this process is, the better the outcome. The best results come when the client and designer are up-front and honest about the objectives, expectations, and costs. It is important to choose a designer you are comfortable working with.

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Design Portfolio:


While large corporations sometimes spend millions of dollars designing their logos, we can help you come up with a good looking mark that you can be proud of (and afford). We can start from scratch, work off a drawing or sketch, or simply redraw and update an old logo.

Types of logos:

  • Lettermarks use acronyms to shorten longer names (think IBM) 
  • Wordmarks or Logotypes use fonts, colors and simple graphics (think Coca-cola) 
  • Pictoral marks use icons to represent your company (think Apple symbol), these can be straightforward, or abstract, often they are single color vector graphic that can be used with text or stand alone 
  • Combination marks use elements of both, including photos to brand an organization.

Graphic Sky LogoKellam OrthodonticsSF Oxygen BarThe RockSF Maintenance CompanyNM Pest ControlSanta Fe Vacuum ExcavationAdopt a DogLegacy Graphic Sky Logo

Arctic Climate Impact Assessmentlogo design for Adopt-an-Arroyo programBabel EducationSierra Encantada ConstructionPure NailsPecos PropaneLogo ConceptA Couple of CleanersSanta Fe Skies RV ParkHygiene with HeartApache RanchThe Pepper CaseMy Little Horse ListenerProof PerfectSanta Fe House DoctorAntelope Canyon SuitesSF Oxygen BarJetstream TechFour Winds Institute

Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral includes all of the different pieces that make up your marketing efforts.

  • Business card 
  • Rack cards 
  • Brochures 
  • Postcards 
  • Stationary


Technical Design

Arctic Climate Impact AssessmentWe have many years of experience taking complex scientific information and creating accessible graphics and illustrations. These graphics come from the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment report (available here). Working with scientists from across the globe, we created hundreds of graphics, some of which are shown here.





Albedo EffectThermohaline CirculationThe Carbon RecordGeochemical CyclePollution AccumulationAtmospheric LayersAlbedo EffectEffects on coastlineAtmosphere and Ocean Layers