We can take finely crafted photos of your products, artwork, sculpture or jewelry. Capturing every detail of your work, including hard to reproduce colors and brush strokes.

Studio photography rates are for 2D work up to 48".  3D work is charged per hour.


  • Lower resolution JPG for email and web use
  • Full quality image (TIFF or similar) suitable for printing
  • Small color matched proof

Great for:

  • Paintings and drawings
  • Flat pieces up to 4'x4' in size (larger sizes extra)
  • 3D pieces that are small enough to easily carry

1) Quantity

How many pieces do you have? 

2) Bring in your artwork

If you can leave your artwork with us, we can generally shoot it in 1-2 days (with signed waiver). If you have three dimensional pieces or want to be present while your images are shot (for whatever reason), you can call and make an appointment.

3) Checkout

Placing your Photography order online will place your order on priority status for scheduling.

Studio Photography:




Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How big can you shoot?
    We'll need to make special arrangements if your piece is larger than 4'x4' 
  • Can I help setup my shots?
    If you have 3D pieces, this is encouraged, but you'll need to make an appointment.
  • Do you keep archives of the files?
    We recommend you get copies of your images when the shots are done, but we will keep them on file indefinitely, using redundant local and cloud-based backups. 
  • Do you retain the Copyright to the images you shoot?
    We give full resolution images to our clients with no strings attached, the images are yours to do with what you please.
  • Can you shoot artwork that I didn't create?
    The original artist retains the copyright to their image, even if you purchased the original. Unless you have a contract stating otherwise, you do not own the rights of reproduction. In these cases, we require written permission from the artist or estate.

Job Specifications

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