Paper Glossary

Digital Press Papers

These are the papers and card stock available for our in-house digital printing. Cover weight (cardstock) paper weights range from 60# cover to 130# cover. Maximum paper size is 13"x19" with a 12.5"x18.5" printable area.

Text Weight Papers (Lightweight)

  • 20# bond - Copy paper available up to 11x17"
  • 60# text - Slightly heavier paper available up to 12x18". Good for light-weight brochures, newsletters, and interiors of books.
  • 70# text - Available in white or natural, up to 13x19".
  • 100# Gloss text - Our heaviest text weight with a smooth, gloss finish. Great for brochures and flyers. Available in 12x18" or 13x19"

Cover Weight Papers (Card stock)

  • 60# cover - Our lightest weight card stock available up to 19x13"
  • 80# cover - Medium weight card stock available up to 18x12"
  • 100# cover - For greeting cards, postcards, business cards, etc. Available up to 19x13" in white or natural.
  • 120# cover - For heavier postcards and business cards. Available up to 18x12"
  • 130# cover - Ultra heavy matte card stock available up to 19x13"

  • 110# Gloss cover - A medium weight gloss card stock for greeting cards, booklet covers, etc.
  • 14pt C1S card stock (about 130# cover) - Coated 1 side (C1S), uncoated on the back, for business cards and postcards.
  • 14pt C2S card stock (about 130# cover) - Thick card stock, coated 2 sides, for business cards and postcards.

Specialty stocks

  • 80# Felt cover - Textured felt finish card stock,  popular for art prints and notecards, 30# recycled, windpower
  • 110# Linen cover - Textured card stock for premium business cards and awards, 30# recycled, windpower
  • Carboness paper (NCR) - Available in 2-part, 3-part, and 4-part carbonless sets. Perforation, binding, and numbering available.
  • 60# Uncoated Paper Label - Available up to 13x19", with crack-n-peel backing.
  • 60# Gloss Paper Label - A medium-gloss paper label available up to 13x19".
  • 5 and 10 mil Polyester - Synthetic paper is ultra durable, great alternative to lamination, popular for menus

Offset Printing Papers

Paper and card stock for specialty jobs ordered from our print partners, on a 1 to 2 week turnaround.

  • 70# Uncoated text - popular paper for letterhead and envelopes, uncoated
  • 100# Gloss Text - brochure weight paper, available with a satin finish
  • 100# Gloss Cover - card stock for jobs requiring scoring and folding, available with semigloss or satin finishes
  • 14pt C2S (gloss cover) - entry level card stock for business cards, postcards and more, with high gloss and semigloss coatings
  • 14pt Uncoated - For a truly matte finish. Orders on uncoated card stock take more time to produce.
  • 16pt C2S (gloss cover) - our most popular card stock for offset printing, available with high gloss or the popular satin AQ coating
  • 18pt C1S (gloss front) - popular for appointment cards, this card stock has a high gloss finish on the front, with an uncoated back

Fine Art Papers

Matte Papers

  • Enhanced Matte - 10.3 mil (192 gsm), matte surface bright white paper
  • Cold Press Bright - 21 mil (340 gsm),acid free, 100% cotton rag paper with a bright white, textured surface, archival
  • Hot Press Bright- 17 mil (330 gsm), 100% cotton rag paper with a bright white, smooth surface, archival

Gloss Papers

  • Premium Luster Photo- 10 mil (260 gsm) archival, highly saturated, maximum ink coverage and a high D-Max for true photographic reproductions
  • Premium Photo Gloss-Sheet Stock 10 mil (250 gsm), Roll 7 mil (170 gsm), extremely wide color gamut, instant dry high gloss, non-cockling, resin coated paper
  • Metallic Photo Gloss- 10.5 mil (257 gsm),  incredible Dmax and rich color gamut, unique metallic surface that provides extreme sharpness and depth, brightness 81%, whiteness 95



20# bond - Copy paper available up t