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Window perforation (vehicle)

Vehicles are arguably the most cost effective medium for outdoor advertising. Latex ink and high quality vinyls make for graphics that are affordable and long lasting. Vehicle Graphics have a $35 minumim.

Window Perforation (Automotive Grade) Vinyl

  • 50/50 Blocks 50% of the light
  • Looks like tint from the inside
  • Check laws in your state

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  • Do you offer a warranty? 
    We use premium quality vinyls that all offer a manufacturers warranty. Additionally, we offer a 90 day warranty on workmanship.
  • Do you laminate window perforation? 
    No. There is a debate in the vehicle graphics industry about laminating window perforation. It improves abrasion resistance and visibility when wet. However, the most common failure point is the edges/corners, and lamination can make these graphics fail prematurely. This is the main reason we do not laminate our window perforations.
  • How long will vehicle window perforation last?
    Window perforation should last 2-3 years, depending on care (don't use ice scrapers, or rear wipers). Many factors effect the lifespan, but sun exposure is the main concern.
  • Which windows can I put graphics on?
    Generally, we only install window perforation on rear (side) windows, or the back window. Check your local laws.
  • Is it true that I need commercial insurance if I advertise my business on my car?
    Possibly, check with your insurance agency. Advertising a vehicle on your personal policy may void it. But getting a commercial plan is possibly a business expense you can write off on your taxes (check with your tax professional).

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