Banners - Oversize

Oversize Fabric Banners

Need something bigger than 4.5 feet by 50 feet? We can special order sizes up to 7.8 feet by 150 feet in vinyl or 16 feet x 150 feet in polyester fabric (or larger with seams).

Standard Vinyl Banner

  • 13oz scrim banner material
  • Up to 94" x 1800"
  • Tape hem on short side
  • Grommets or pole pockets
  • Windslits optional
  • Single Sided

Polyester fabric banner

  • 3 options for quality/opacity
  • Single Reverse or Double Sided
  • Hemmed edge
  • Grommets or Pole Pocket

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2) Upload files

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  • What is a windslit?
    A windslit is a semi-circular vent (like a smiley face) cut into the banner at regular intervals to reduce wind load. Ideally they are placed in areas without text. The vents stay closed (lay flat) in times of little or no wind, but open up to relieve the pressure during high winds. 
  • I'm concerned about wind, what can be done to help preserve my banner? ?
    Wind is definitely a concern (especially in New Mexico), we typically put grommets every 2 feet, using all the grommets as anchor points is the first step. Installing the banner against a fence or wall will help as well. If these options are not available, we can also cut windslits into the banner, or use a mesh material.

Job Specifications

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